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Pre-Order Complete Bundle

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TC Complete Bundle contains the three core books needed to play Trudvang Chronicles, the Game Master Screen, a block of 25 character sheets and the adventure Wildheart.

  • Player’s Guide
  • Game Master Guide
  • Jorgi’s Bestiary
  • Game Master Screen
  • 25 Character sheets
  • Wildheart

You save 30 % by buying this bundle instead of buying the items separately. PDF’s are included!

PlayersGuideGameMasterGuideJorgi's-BestiaryWildheartCharacter sheetsWIP GM screen

Product Description

Players Guide (Hardback)

Estimated delivery date: end of August 2017

Players Guide is the book dedicated for the players including the following chapters:

  • Creating a character
  • Skills, Diciplinces and Specialities
  • Equipment
  • Improvement
  • Magic and spells
  • Priests and holy powers

Game Master Guide (Hardback)

Game Master Guide is the core rules for the Game Master to run the game, including the following chapters:

  • Overview of the world and the game
  • Combat
  • Damage
  • Fear
  • Campaign play

Jorgi’s Bestiary (Hardback)

Jorgi’s Bestiary is the complete monster book for the game, including more than 50 unique monsters and illustrations, written by the fictive character Jorgi from Westmark.

Foldable, Six-panel Game Master Screen

The screen allows the Game Master to easily see beyond the
screen and reach over it. The screen also keeps die rolls and notes hidden from players.
Tables on the inside provide essential support for the Game Maser while the frontside is filled with tables often used by players.

The screen includes one map of Trudvang and 5×3 different Game Master Sheets.

  • One NPC-sheet for beasts and villains
  • One sheet for notes regarding the players characters
  • One sheet for reminding notes between sessions

Character sheets

  • 25 Two-sided Character sheets

Printed on thick yellowish paper with fields for all necessary data to play a character of Trudvang.

Wildheart (Softcover)

The adventure Wildheart is the story and adventure of an enchanted forest that was once good, but got the taste of dragon blood and became dark and evil. Anyone can enter the forest, but no one leaves without paying a great tribute. It’s an adventure about old forgotten places, mysterious encounters, trolls and lindwurms – not to mention the first encounter with the great frost giant Blodughadda! The Swedish version was hailed as “one of the best adventures of all time” shortly after its release.

Trudvang Chronicles was voted the Most Anticipated RPG of 2017 by ENWorld Readers earlier this year.