Load your flintlocks, light up the lantern and step into the crypt: this is LexOccultum! Awarded “Game of the Year” in Sweden, the roleplaying game about occultism, mysteries and secret societies in an 18th century setting is here! 
(Previously known as Götterdämmerung.)

Monsieur, mademoiselle, do not deny yourselves. Come now, step into the warmth, or what little is left of it. Perhaps I should say, “welcome to the bone chilling cold darkness.” 

“Oh, comme ça, do not be shy; you can lay down your barking-irons on the shelf over there. You will find no enemies in this room, even though we both know shadows lurk just outside. The flintlocks will be of no use anyway, a cross would serve you better” The old servant said with a grim smile on his face.  “I have been told that you are a most curious soul, eager to know more about “the other side”. You will not be disappointed. Step into the chamber and have a glass of wine, the best in all France! Feel at home, maître will soon be here and then he shall tell you everything that he knows to be true. Have patience; for it is a long story about vampires, occult rituals, secret societies and not least, all the lies you have been told all these years…”


Some would say that truth is a thin veil, like makeup upon a scarred face, silk clothes upon a tormented body, pretty words on a sickly longing, or perfume upon rotten flesh. Truth is not more accurate or more deceptive than anything else. It just is.

There are many “truths” about the darkness and the occult. Countless prophecies, texts and tomes about the unreal and the bizarre that pierce through reality and leave dismembered souls and withering minds in their wake. However, there are few insights that cover it all, and the certainty can always be questioned. Often they are a small part of a great mystery, or a conspiracy in a greater context.
Shrouded in darkness and buried for a thousand years in lies, the “truths” come through from time to time. Facts, built upon dogmas, institutions, science, rituals, covens, only God knows what. The fundamental principles that are considered so true, that the bare thought of them being exposed would bring down dooms of death.
Conspiracies are boiling beneath the surface, the covens gather in dark rooms, knowledge switches owners and occultists dig deep into the mysteries to uncover the secrets.
This is the twilight of the gods – welcome to LexOccultum, an 18th century horror, mystery and occult role-playing game.